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Planning to Get Permanent Resident Visa to Settle in Abroad ?

Students who study abroad seek a long-term settlement, and there are countries that offer an option of immigration. They approach top immigration consultancy with the idea of obtaining Permanent Resident Visa after successful completion of their course. The immigration is offered on the basis of a person’s eligibility and selection criteria. Studying in countries such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Singapore is a good opportunity for settlement.

Permanent residency states an individual’s visa status. A person gets permission to stay and work indefinitely in a country of which he is not a citizen. The best overseas education consultants help students to get PR (Permanent Resident Visa) of the country of their choice. The host country protects permanent residents by law and also gives them same rights as the citizens. Although, depending on the country, permanent residents cannot vote, stand for public offices or get a passport of that country.

However, permanent residents need to fulfil certain residency obligations in order to maintain their status. All permanent residents have to pay taxes if they have a source of income. The status may be conditional on specific employment or maintenance of business. In countries like Australia and Canada, permanent residents must stay in the country offering residence for a given minimum length of time. In the U.S.A., permanent residents cannot stay outside their host country for more than a certain period of time. Failure of complying with residency or other imposed obligation may lead to a loss of their permanent resident status. A person may also lose his/her status in case of absence from the country beyond a maximum number of days or in a case of committing serious crimes and becoming subject to deportation.

Finally, all permanent residents get documentary proof as a legal evidence of their status.

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